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Black Swan Spring 2010

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The Newsletter Of  Windsor Farms, Inc. 4211 Dover Road Richmond, VA 23221       Spring  2010

Windsor Farms Board of Directors

On January 1, 2010, Allen Goolsby joined Jim Carleton, Janice Julius, Marty Parrish, and Andrew Warker on the Windsor Farms Board of Directors.  Welcome, Allen!


Also on January 1, Janice Julius replaced Andrew Warker as President of the Board of Directors. 


Windsor Farms Garden Week 2010

During Garden Week, approximately 2,500 visitors walked the streets of our beautiful neighborhood.  These visitors came not only from around the Commonwealth, but also from overseas and as far west as Texas. The Garden Club of Virginia and Sally Witt (one of the chairpersons of the 2010 Windsor Farms tour) commend Windsor Farms for the extraordinary effort that was made to ensure a perfect showing.  We have a truly special neighborhood.


Sidewalk Repair Project

Last year, Councilman Bruce Tyler secured funding for a “Sidewalk Repair Project” in Windsor Farms.  The City contracted with Possie Chenault on this project, and the supervisor, Allen Ratliff, and his crew have done an excellent job thus far.


Many residents have submitted sidewalk repair requests, however, this particular project is a standalone effort to address the very worst areas in Windsor Farms.  Individual requests are still being handled directly by the City, and can be submitted via the following link:

Supercans and Bulk Item Pick Up

Supercans should be placed out on streets late Sunday evening and should be removed as soon as possible after pick up. Some items are too large to fit in a Supercan or to be collected using the city’s standard equipment. These items, such as furniture or large amounts of yard waste, are collected on a four-week rotating schedule based on zip code.  Go to the following link to see the 2010 bulk collection schedule: .

To ensure that the city picks up your items, either contact the Customer Care Center at 3-1-1 or make an online request at

Maintenance Fees

Per the Covenants and Restrictions, “Each lot is hereby subjected to an annual maintenance charge, at the rate of ($350.00) per year per lot, for the purpose of creating a fund to be known as the “Maintenance Fund”, which charge shall be paid by the respective owners of lots.”  Maintenance fees are not optional, and are a continuing lien upon each lot.  If they are not paid in a timely manner, then Windsor Farms, Inc. is left with no choice but to turn the matter over to a collections attorney. 


The semi-annual charge is actually quite small when compared with what residents of comparable neighborhoods

are required to pay in order to maintain fewer common areas than those found within Windsor Farms.  Neighborhood security patrols and social events are also made possible due to the maintenance fees.


There are currently less than twenty residents with delinquent accounts.  The majority of these, however, are “repeat offenders”, and the Board is currently considering various ways to address this issue.  When time and effort is wasted to collect these nominal amounts from residents who reap the benefits provided by those who do pay their fees on time, everyone pays the price.


Miss Utility


If you plan any outdoor activities that involve digging in your yard, play it safe and call Miss Utility (8-1-1 or

1-800-552-7001). Virginia state law requires that you call at least three full business days prior to digging. 

Don’t risk a life-threatening injury or disruption of service.  Miss Utility crews will clearly mark the locations of all your utility lines such as gas, water, electric, telephone, and cable.  For more information call 646-8300.

Covenants & Restrictions

In accordance with the Windsor Farms, Inc. Covenants and Restrictions, all plans for fences and additions of any kind must be approved by the Windsor Farms, Inc. Board of Directors prior to the start of any project. 

Also per the Covenants and Restrictions, “no board or other device for advertisement shall be placed on any lot, except a “for sale” or “for rent” sign which does not contain more than nine square feet”. 

The Covenants and Restrictions can be viewed at  If residents have any questions about the neighborhood covenants and restrictions, please contact Cheryl Warker at the WF office (353-4221, ext 11 or 

Animal Care and Control


Please remember that there is a leash law in the City. When walking your pets, all dogs must be kept under restraint by a hand-held leash or lead (Richmond Code, Section 10-172).  This means that the leash must actually be attached to your pet’s collar while the other end is held in your hand.  At all other times, they should be confined within a fenced area.  Pets who are allowed to roam the neighborhood at large run the risk of not returning home or of being struck by a vehicle.


Per Section 10-173, “Owners must exercise proper care and control of dogs and cats and prevent them from becoming a nuisance.  A nuisance animal is any animal that molests passersby, attacks other animals, trespasses on school property, recreational areas or playgrounds; is repeatedly at large; damages property; or barks, whines, howls excessively.  Animal Control may issue a summons to the owner of a dog that is determined to be a nuisance.”


Violations of either section are Class 4 misdemeanors, and may be reported to Richmond Animal Care & Control at 646-5573 (weekdays) or 646-5123 (nights and weekends).


Windsor Farms, Inc. can only suggest that residents abide by the leash law and attempt to resolve directly with neighbors any pet-related issues.


Other City Laws That May Be of Interest


  • Grass on private property is not allowed to be over 12 inches tall.
  • There is a curfew of 11:00 p.m. for anyone under 18 years of age.
  • Any sign posted in the city right-of-way, which includes medians, utility poles, or the area between the curb and sidewalk, is illegal under City Code. Richmond City Code gives any person the right to remove illegal signs from the public right-of-way.  Anyone convicted of a violation may be fined up to $50 per day, per sign.

Security Patrol


As many of you already know, the Board voted to hire off-duty Richmond City police officers.  Officers began patrolling the neighborhood in marked cars on April 1st.  The Board has always been extremely pleased with the service provided by American Security Group, however, it was felt that the Richmond Police Department would be more appropriate for the needs of the neighborhood.


The officers are aware of certain problem areas (such as the common area bounded by Nottingham, Sulgrave, and Dover Roads) and have also been reminded to patrol the perimeter of the neighborhood (i.e. Cary Street and Portland Place). 


Any suspicious activity should be reported to them at either 9-1-1 (emergency) or 646-5100 (non-emergency).

Neighborhood Safety


Some residents have reported strangers approaching their doors, asking questions or soliciting materials. 

While reporting these incidents on the neighborhood Yahoo Group is encouraged, you are also urged to report these incidents to the Richmond Police so that they can promptly investigate.  The Richmond Police Department tracks crime trends and adjusts patrols accordingly.  We cannot expect more patrols if crimes go unreported.  While some of these occurrences may be innocent in nature, you can never be too safe!  Solicitors are required to have a permit issued by the police (Code Section 98-747), and the police are required to perform background checks on permit applicants (Code Section 98-638). 

We encourage you to keep vehicles, garages, and homes locked at all times.  Theft devices, such as alarm systems and lights are great deterrents.  One of the most effective ways to discourage theft from vehicles is to remove possessions from plain view and lock them in the trunk.

Track crime trends in our community at  Search the neighborhood link to Windsor Farms for a two year history.

REMEMBER:  Contact Richmond Police at 9-1-1 or non-emergency number 646-5100.

Common Areas

Please refrain from dumping leaves, branches, etc., from your yard into any Common Area, and please make sure that any neighborhood lawn services are also aware that this is not allowed.


Thanks to a joint effort between the Windsor Farms Garden Club (particularly Becky Anthony) and Windsor Farms, Inc., a brand new bench is now in place at the Breastworks.  Many thanks go to Allen Ratliff and his crew for installing this bench for us free of charge.  Also at the Breastworks, several dead trees have been removed along with a number of dead limbs and stumps.   Stop by and take a look at the result of this ongoing restoration effort!

Windsor Farms E-Mail List

The nearly 300 members of the Windsor Farms Yahoo! Group find contractors and lost pets, learn timely security information, and hear of exciting and useful information. To join, send a blank e-mail to and you will receive notification of your subscription by return e-mail from the group's moderator. When you send a request to join, please include your name and address.  Feel free to join using multiple e-mail addresses (home and work, husband and wife).  If you have any questions, please contact John Denniston at 353-5811.


Please remember to scroll to the bottom of the e-mail and click on “Reply to Sender” when no group response is needed.


Tilley's Landscaping

Mark Alfred has decided to leave Tilley’s to take a job closer to home.  He was a wonderful asset to the Tilley’s team and had exceptional knowledge of landscaping and horticulture. Thanks to Mark and his crew, the common areas have always been beautifully maintained, particularly during the recent Garden Week tours.


A new manager, Kevin Pace, will begin Monday, May 24, 2010.  Kevin has over twenty years of experience in the landscaping and lawn maintenance field.   Please be sure to welcome him to the neighborhood.  Also, please say thank you to the dedicated Tilley’s crew members when you see them in the neighborhood; most have worked in Windsor Farms for many years. 


As many of you know, Tilley's maintains all of the Windsor Farms common areas and provides superior yard care to many residents.  Their services range from basic lawn mowing to full-service contracts, irrigation systems (maintenance, repair and installation), landscape designs, retaining walls, ponds, and more.  Since they are located here in the neighborhood, they are able to respond quickly to your needs.

Until May 24th, please call Tilley’s directly at 798-8560 to discuss a turf and landscape schedule for your lawn or to request services.  After May 24th, call Kevin Pace at 353-4221, ext. 12.


Richmond City Connection


City forms, community and neighborhood information, special event bulletins, and much more can be found at  You can also make online requests for various city services, such as sidewalk repairs. The city tries to respond to such requests within one week.

Curbside Recycling

If you aren’t already doing so, please consider recycling!  Participating in the curbside collections that are made once every other week is an easy way to help the environment.  Be sure to place your bin at the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day (Windsor Farms is on the Red Collection Schedule).  To find out what to recycle, preparation tips, collection schedules, sign up for a free e-mail reminder, etc., contact CVWMA at 340-0900 or 

Free Home Safety Inspection


Has your home been inspected for fire hazards?  Do you have enough smoke detectors in your home and are they placed properly?  Call the Metro Richmond Fire Safety Hotline toll-free at 1-888-537-5967 to schedule a FREE visit from a Richmond Firefighter.  If needed, firefighters will also install free smoke detectors and change batteries in your current detectors.


Keep Windsor Farms Beautiful

Residents are asked to pick up litter and other debris they find in the neighborhood in an effort to keep our streets and common areas clean.


Just a reminder to all pet owners that the Richmond Municipal Code states that you are responsible for removing and properly disposing of waste deposited by your pet(s) on public or private property.  Violation of this ordinance is a Class 4 misdemeanor.  Thank you to all of the residents who do pick up after their pets; it is making a big difference in the neighborhood!

Neighborhood Parking

Please be considerate and make sure that you, your contractors, visitors, etc., park in front of your house instead of your neighbor’s home for any extended period of time.  There are exceptions, of course, such as parties and other special occasions. 

No motor vehicle may be left unattended on a public roadway for more than 24 hours.  Also, no motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer with an empty weight exceeding 6,500 pounds may be parked on any street that is along a primarily residential block.  This does not apply to any vehicles that are being actively loaded or unloaded or are parked while the owner, operator, or driver is engaged in the actual performance of contractual work at a nearby property.  It is also unlawful for the owner, operator, or driver of a vehicle with an empty weight exceeding 6,500 pounds to park such or to permit such to be parked within 75 feet of an intersection in any part of the city.


Tree Replacement

The area between the sidewalk and street is city property.  If you are interested in replacing a city tree through the Adopt-A-Tree program, please contact the Urban Forestry Division at 646-6785.  If you would like to replace or trim a tree on your own, you must still contact Urban Forestry.  Finally, please remember that each street in Windsor Farms has its own tree type; Urban Forestry will ensure consistency.


If you live near a common area or median strip where a new tree has been planted, please consider watering it from time to time.  Thanks!


If you are replacing a tree on your own property, always look up first.  Please pick a planting that can safely co-exist with overhead lines.  Tall trees that can grow near or into distribution lines threaten your safety and your electric service if their branches come in contact with wires.  So, when you make landscape improvements, select the right planting and the right site.  For more information, visit, keyword:  trees.


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Important Phone Numbers and Websites

Windsor Farms Office                                   353-4221, ext. 11,

Tilley’s Landscaping (Kevin Pace)               353-4221, ext. 12

Councilman Bruce Tyler                                357-6007,

Jennifer Walle                                                646-5935,

City Council Liaison, First District

Miss Utility of Virginia                                  811 or 1-800-552-7001

Richmond Police, Third Precinct,                  646-1412,

Sector 311                                            

Richmond Police (Non-Emergency)  646-5100, follow prompts

Richmond Fire (Non-Emergency)                 646-2500

City of Richmond Website                  

City Customer Care Center                          311 or 646-7000

Request City Services Online             , click on “Citizens’ Request”,

                                                                        follow prompts

City Leaf Hotline                                           646-LEAF (5323)

City Leaf Collection Schedule     

Richmond Animal Care and Control  646-5573 (weekdays) or 646-5123 (nights and weekends)

Adopt-A-Tree Program,                                 646-0681,

Urban Forestry Division       

Streetlight Outages and Gas, Water            644-3000        

and Sewer Emergencies

Tours, Exhibits, & Upcoming Events


At Agecroft Hall:


Sword Fighting: From Shakespeare to the present

Wednesday, May 26, 2010, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Shakespeare's plays and the history of the Hall coincide with the development of the lineage of fencing as a modern Olympic sport. The presentation highlights the Medieval and Renaissance weapons found in Shakespeare's plays and how the audiences would have understood their use. These weapons are the ancestors of modern Olympic sport fencing, and the presentation will take the audience forward from Shakespeare through the Enlightenment to classical and then modern fencing. We will demonstrate the Medieval longsword, arming sword and buckler, and polaxe; the Renaissance rapier; the Enlightenment smallsword; the classical dueling sword; and modern electric foil or sabre.

Fee: $10 for adults, $7 for students

Breakfast and Blooms

Saturday, June 5, 2010, 9:00 am - 10:30 am, and Saturday, June 12, 2010, 9:00 am – 10:30 am



Start your weekend with a light breakfast on Agecroft Hall’s terrace overlooking the James River, followed by a one-hour tour of the gardens with a special emphasis on the summer annuals. Annette Tomes and Sandi Barnette of Agecroft’s Gardening Department will lead this tour.

$10/ Person; $7/ Student. Advance payment REQUIRED.  Reservations are NOT refundable.

Visit to learn more about Agecroft Hall and other upcoming events.


At Virginia House:


Virginia House and gardens are now open by appointment.  Call 353-4251 or visit to learn more or to find out about upcoming events.


Editor’s Note -Cheryl Warker, Windsor Farms, Inc.


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